Wednesday, Oct 18, 2023

I've been playing a little bit with what an app focused on database exploration might look like.

Should it be hosted on a remote server?

Yes, because that will be convenient.

Should it be self host-able?

Yes, because databases can be highly sensitive and many organizations will be hesitant to connect their database to third parties.

Should it be host-able on your own device?

Yes, because you'll want to be able to explore your developer database. That's hard to do and insecure to do if you're not running the explorer from your own developer box.

Should it be a web app?

Yes. There's just no more convenient installation mechanism.

Should it be a native app?

Yes. That's convenient once it's installed and it lets you look at on-box databases more easily.

That's a lot of yes answers! Aren't you spreading yourself thin?

Maybe. I think that the answer is Flutter for the front end and a rust server for the back end.

Both self hostable.